If your boiler loses pressure this could be due to a leak on one of your radiators, or a leak on your heating system’s underground pipework.

We only want our customers to use our services when it’s absolutely necessary. We want to SAVE you money that would otherwise be spent digging up floors to look for a leak.  You’ll only need a non-invasive Leak Detection investigation once you’ve ruled out the possibility of the leak being above ground. That’s why we are more than happy to explain everything you can do at home yourself to make sure you definitely need to book a non-invasive Leak Detection appointment.

Here’s how to check your radiators for leaks

Water is only pumped through to the radiator once the radiator is turned on. Turn it on to get the water flowing through the radiator and reveal any leaks that are present.

There are a number of different points on the radiator which could be leaking. Look at the joints in the pipe work coming out of the floor, the valve connections and anywhere on the radiator which looks old. It could be that the radiator has corroded over time and small pinholes have developed. If you see any signs of rust, this is a common giveaway – even though you may not necessarily see water pouring out because it will dry quickly if the radiator is hot. To be absolutely certain, you can wrap or hold some dry tissue over the suspect area and see if it gets wet.

If you do find a leak then it is important to call a professional as soon as possible. You can either call a plumber to fix the leak on the radiator and then see if the boiler continues to lose pressure, or you can call us straight away on 0800 731 3843.  We will ask you a series of questions in order to calculate whether the pressure loss on the boiler would be caused by the leak on the radiator, or if you’re likely to have another hidden leak as well.

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Once it has been established that your radiators are free of leaks, that’s where we come in to perform a non-invasive Leak Detection on the underground pipework system.

As a minimum toolkit we use 5 main methods of leak detection to locate your leak without causing damage to your floors.

  1. Thermal imaging
  2. Hydrogen & Nitrogen tracer gases
  3. Acoustic listening devices
  4. Endoscope cameras
  5. Damp meters

And of course, we are one of the few companies that actually have qualified plumbing and heating Engineers on our team who can carry out permanent repairs to leaking pipes.

Contact ADI, a professional and friendly leak detection service, on: 0800 731 3843. We provide cost effective solution and will even give you free advice and up front quotations over the phone.

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