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How to Check House Radiators for Leaks

Are you worried that one of your house radiators may be leaking? By detecting a problem early you could save yourself a lot of money on repairs. Below you will find out how to check house radiators for leaks.

  • Step #1: Turn On the Radiator

You will only be able to see whether a radiator is leaking after you have turned it on. Water is only pumped through to the radiator when it has warmed up. Once the water runs through to the heater, it is then that you will notice a leak.

  • Step #2: Check Various Points on the Radiator

There are a number of different points on the radiator which could gas leak. Look at the joints in the pipe work, the valve connections and anywhere on the radiator which looks old. It could be that the radiator has corroded over time and small pinholes have developed.

  • Step #3: Call a Professional

If you do find a leak then it is important to call a professional as soon as possible. The sooner you have the central heating repairs, the less damage it will do. Contact ADI, a professional and friendly leak repair service, on: 08007313843. We provide cost effective leak repair and you don’t even have to pay a call out charge.

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