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How Nitrogen Hydrogen Gas Tracing Works

As part of our advanced and refined approach to leak detectionADI are proud of the fact that we don’t have to go digging holes in your floors, walls or lawn to find the source of any leak. A traditional plumbing company will most likely dig where they assume the source of the leak is, then realize it’s not there at all and then continue digging holes until they get lucky and find the leak itself.

This isn’t really gas leak detection. Well it might be how leak detection was performed in 1885 but today there are far more advanced methods for tracking down the source of a leak on your property and one example of this is Nitrogen Hydrogen gas tracing and detector systems. With really troublesome leaks ADI deploy this system to help. We basically flush the existing system and then fill it with a non toxic and inert (non explosive) gas mixture that will then escape through even the tiniest of holes to be detected by our gas “sniffers” placed on your flooring. This gives our engineers a very precise location for the leak itself so we can focus our repair efforts there – if you ask us to.

Using nitrogen hydrogen gas tracing systems means that all elements of doubt and guesswork are removed from the leak detection process from both our engineers and our customer’s point of view. The central heating leak can be located with absolute pinpoint precision to save hugely unnecessary damage to your wooden floors or tiles.

We don’t always need to employ gas tracing systems to find your leak – it all depends on the severity of the problem and whether or not some of our other detection devices can provide us with faster results. Our focus is on finding the source of any leak within one working day so we choose the best tools to help us achieve that goal.