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How Does Non-Invasive Leak Detection Work?

Leak Detection is part scientific diagnosis and part art. What we mean by this is that to perform a truly effective and non-destructive leak detection investigation you’ll need to use a range of very modern equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, acoustic gas leak detectors, leak tracing gases, moisture detectors and snake cameras for example. Without these any leak detection engineer would be simply guessing as to where the source of the leak might be.

The “art” aspect of the process is when you take an ADI water leak detection engineer who has access to all of the above equipment and more besides and then give that person several years of experience in performing this kind of work. This allows an ADI engineer to use technology to track the source of the leak but then our own vast experience also comes into play. We know the sights, sounds and smells of so many different types of leaks that the equipment is just an extension of their own skills when it comes to find the source of any central heating leak. So with advanced leak detection it’s a synergy of both man and machine when it comes to offering you a truly professional leak detection survey.

The engineers working here at ADI have had the training required to truly master the equipment they use but they also have the skill, experience and leak detection intuition needed to find your leaks more effectively than anyone else. Any company with a big enough budget might be able to afford the same level of technology in use here at ADI but they simply cannot match us for our fault finding rate (over 95%) and our flat-out dedication to providing our customers with the most professional, cost effective and pain free leak detection service available in the UK right now.

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