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How Does ADI Achieve Such A High Leak Detection Rate?

We routinely provide a 98% natural gas leak detection rate for both our business and domestic customers and this doesn’t happen by chance. In fact it’s anything but chance that allows us to achieve such a high first-time-fix rate for our customers. How we achieve these numbers is a combination of vast experience, hard work, tons of ongoing training and access to a constantly-upgraded arsenal of technology that would make Iron man jealous. And it’s only this particular combination of skills and tools that allow us to do what we do so successfully.

We should mention here that the 98% leak detection rate we achieve is within a single working day – some companies aren’t quite so honest. One of the main aspects of achieving a success rate of this level is that we don’t rush into things – as in we don’t simply work on assumptions and then hope that our “best guess” was correct and hope for the best all at the same time.

Another huge aspect of what we do is that we are what are called “early adopters” when it comes to technological advances and because of this we use a lot of very advanced technology in our leak detection surveys. The advanced level of the equipment we use means that we can trace the source of any central heating leak with almost pinpoint precision¬† – usually to within just a few centimeters of the source of the leak. This means that guesswork never comes into play in anything that we do.

We’re proud of the work we do and equally proud of how professional our engineers are and the fact that all of the leak detections we do are totally non-invasive in their nature – we truly value your property as much as you do.