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How Do Moisture Detectors Work?

When you see the first signs of a water leak detection on your property it might seem like no big deal. It’s only a few drops of water that you can clean up with a cloth or a towel and continue on with your day. Or as some people wind up doing putting a small bowl near the leak and let the water drip into it until it fills up and then empty it.

But those first signs are the first warning for you to take action and have ADI look at that leak for you – the sooner you take action the sooner the problem can be resolved. As part of our leak detection survey ADI engineers might use a moisture detector in specific areas of your home. Sometimes the exact source of a central heating leak might not be immediately obvious especially if the property owner has been clearing away any signs of moisture that have appeared.

Our portable moisture detection systems can detect the moisture levels in wood or even concrete to make sure that they’re normal. Our engineers can also detect the moisture level in the air of the area being tested so we can test whether or not there’s a serious problem in any specific part of your home. This also means that we’re not just using guesswork when it comes to pinpointing the location of the water leak on your property and you have the added advantage of this process being entirely non-destructive at the end of the day.

Whether or not we deploy moisture detectors will depend on the type of leak you have and where it’s located but combined with our thermal imaging cameras these gas leak detectors allow us to build up a very precise “picture” of the water leak issue in any room – and all of this is done without having to drill any holes in your walls or floors.