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How Do Acoustic Leak Detectors Work?

When you have an internal or external water leak the noise each type of leak makes is almost completely different. The noise that’s emitted will depend on the size of the pipe and the leak from it and also based on the type of soil or other material that the pipe is surrounded by. Then you need to factor in the type of pipe being used, the depth that the pipe is buried at and what type of material is covering the soil itself (grass, gravel, concrete or tarmacadam) for example.

To even detect these types of noises our engineers need to use sophisticated acoustic central heating leak detection equipment as part of their leak detection survey. Otherwise our team would just be playing a guessing game – which is what other purported “leak detection specialists” actually do.

Our goal is to track the gas leak down as accurately as possible first and then take action based on our findings if you wish us to do so. So that’s where our acoustic leak detection equipment comes into play. This is a lightweight and portable unit that can be carried around your property by a single engineer that’s comprised of the leak analysis electronics, a ground “foot” that listens for the leak and aviation quality headphones to give our team absolute clarity when they’re listening for the leak specifics.

An acoustic leak detector can be used to listen for leaks inside walls, underneath internal flooring (wood flooring or tiles) and also externally to listen deep beneath the ground for the source of your leak.

Our acoustic leak detectors are just one small example of the investment ADI have made in providing our customers with a truly non-invasive leak detection experience. We work with the type of precision that other plumbing and “leak detection” companies can only dream about.

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