At ADI we understand the need to keep the UKs water supplies and heating systems running. We also understand that equally important, if not more, is the control of the Coronavirus – and again for the second wave.

The Company and our Specialist Leak Detection Engineers are committed to protecting our customers in any way we possibly can, keeping our clients happy, safe and avoiding spreading the risk.

All Government guidelines have been sent to our engineers.

The steps we are taking at this important time are as follows:

Our Engineers will be carrying and wearing face masks and gloves while working inside customer’s properties.

After every Job our equipment will be sanitized before the next appointment, to stop the transmission of the virus though the surfaces of our specialist equipment.

It probably goes without saying, our engineers will also make sure that clean clothing will be worn every day and they will be maintaining good respiratory and personal hygiene.

As you can see, we want to maintain our Leak Detection Service to you, our customers in a safe and responsible way. In return, if any of our customers have symptoms of the virus, please inform our customer service team if an appointment is pending. It is important that we not only try and keep our customers safe, but the safety of our Engineers is important too.

In the unfortunate situation a report is made and we have already attended site we will instruct our engineer to self-contain and advise that you the customer take steps to contain the virus as per Government Guidelines.

Symptoms of the Coronavirus:

A Cough

A High Temperature

Shortness of Breath

Covid-19 symptoms

Please see government advice for further details

Adrian Morgan CIPHE RP RHP


ADI Pro Leak Ltd