Holdenhurst Village, Bournemouth

Existing in the green belts land on the north-east suburbs of Bournemouth is a small isolated village by the name Holdenhurst. The small village comprises two farms, the parish church and fewer than thirty settlements. There are few facilities and no shops in the village.

The narrow lanes enable access by car through a single narrow lane. The building of the Bournemouth Spur Road in the late 1960s meant that the route had to be cut off. There is hence no public transport. A new civil parish called Holdenhurst village was established in 2013. It encompasses Bournemouth International Airport, East Parley, Hurn, as well as the Townsend and surrounding areas of Bournemouth.

The Location of the Holdenhurst village stands at the edge of the flood plain at the Lower Stour Valley. This made it an ideal location for farmers and a large number of archaeological findings have happened in this area. Some of these findings include the coins of Durotriges, and Roman coins have also been found in the area suggesting that Romans might have settled in this area.

Top attractions around Holdenhurst Village

  • Highcliffe Castle. this has been described as the most important surviving house that still portrays the Romantic and Picturesque style of architecture. Its importance is highlighted by the fact that it is listed as a Grade 1 status building. If you are within Holdernhurst Village pass by this area and prepare to be wowed.
  • Moors Valley. It is well maintained with rocks and duckboards. It is best for a fun ride with the kids and is also good for CX practice. There are maps available and bikes for hire that you can use to navigate through the rough terrain. Play areas, trail walks and a cafe are also available to keep everybody entertained.
  • Lower Gardens. Large outdoor spaces are available in Bournemouth and the Lower Gardens is a prime example. The Lower Gardens stretch from the shopping district around the town centre to the seafront. It is normally packed with activities and is very inviting in summer. The garden has a raucous aviary, mini-golf, sub-tropical plants and food kiosks.
  • Christchurch Priory. This is a long church, longer than plenty of cathedrals. The church has a miraculous beam that locals believe to have been hoisted by Jesus himself. The high street sits just at the end of Christchurch and is operational every day except for Christmas.

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