Hockley, Nottingham

Hockley is located near the Nottingham city center. It is opposite the Lace Market. Hockley has many Victorian buildings that are well-preserved. Since the 13th century, the area has had a mercantile presence that has helped it grow economically. Hockley is a vibrant place that has so many shops, pubs, and restaurants.  The residents of Hockley have nicknamed it the ‘Soho of Nottingham’

In 1285, people of Hockley used to weave cloths and walk or stamp on them in the effort of making them soft. Consequently, the place earned its former name, ‘Walker Gate.’ For a long time, the fortunes of Nottingham were earned from the cloth industry. Most of the clothes were made from wool. Thus, efforts were also made to make the price of wool standard across the Nottingham market.

Some of the most influential businessmen, such as Sir Jesse, were born in poor families. Thus, you cannot conclude that Hockley has been an affluent place since the early times. Jesse is the pioneer of the business empire that changed Hockley.

Things to do in Hockley

  1. Art gallery viewing.
  2. Hockley has many shops. Thus you can shop for all your household needs and even school requirements.
  3. Those that love music can purchase their music items from the various stores in the area.
  4. Fashion stores are in plenty in Hockley. This means you can shop for your clothes whenever you need them.
  5. Pubs are available in Hockley. You can have a drink as you share with the locals.
  6. There are cafes too. You can have your breakfast in one of Hockley’s nice cafes.
  7. Broadway Cinema is yet another significant joint where you can watch various movies. This was the very first cinema to show Pulp Fiction- Quentin Tarantino, to be specific.
  8. Hockley had the first small commercial cinema called the Screen Room. The cinema had 21 seats and only one screen. It operated for nine years, and it was shut down.

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