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Hidden Pipes Leaking

Hidden pipes leaking in your home can lead to all kinds of problems and the damage they can cause can often be more serious than visible leaks which we can see and treat. With hidden leaks we often do not know that they exist and the period they have to damage to our homes is consequently a lot longer before they are detected. However, there are a few signs to watch out for that can alert us to the fact that we may have a gas leak at home, things such as a loss of water pressure, higher water utility bills, water meters running when no appliances are on and combi boilers losing pressure are all signs.

If you notice any of these problems then it is time to call in the professionals unless you are competent DIY’er. Even if you are a competent DIY’er then you are not likely to possess the same state of the art equipment that we at ADI have at their disposal. We use thermal imaging technology to highlight leaks and moisture or snake cameras to access and navigate small inaccessible spaces and can often pin-point the source of leaks in a fraction of the time taken using conventional methods. Using this equipment we also minimize disruption and because they are non-invasive methods they do not need excavation of floors to find leaks in hidden pipes. Thermal imaging equipment is also great for pipes sunk into walls meaning that pipes no longer have to be chased out to find a leak.

The new range of equipment can be used to detect leaks under surfaces like wood, carpet, concrete, soil; just about virtually any surface can be probed to identify and detect leaks lurking below. While not all plumbing companies carry this state of the art equipment, we do at ADI Leak Detection. The benefits for you include a very high chance that you will save you money, time and a lot of disruption.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection