Harrods is a department store that is in the ownership Qatar. It is one of the largest and most famous department stores in London. It is however a private company situated at Brompton road in Knightsbridge, London, England. The centre is more of a retail shop.

History of Harrods

It was founded in 1849 by Charles Henry Harrod. The store based at London, is the main stores’ headquarters. The products on sale in the store include quality luxury products, and a restaurant is also situated close to it just for anyone interested mostly in high tea and light meals. The Store’s motto has been ‘Omnia Omnibus Unique’ which is Latin for “all things for all people, everywhere”. The subsidiaries of the Harrods are Harrods estates, Harrods aviation and air Harrods.

It is sitted on a 5 acre site and has 330 departments. The share of Harrods store limited was issued on 7th August 1903 and is hanged on the store walls in London. The first grocery business by Harrods, London was Harrod and co. in 1832. They started by selling gold bars and gold coins in October 2009.

The well known departments are the seasonal Christmas department and food halls. It also has approximately four thousand employees and has made up to two billion Euros as revenue since 2017.

Major Attractions

  • It is a department store and department stores are known to have almost everything one needs under one roof. Everything is in retail price in Harrods, London making it receive a sizable amount of customers.
  • Original and quality products. The department store has kept customers coming back for more due to their high quality products. The feedback from people who have visited the place is commendable.
  • It has numerous departments all over. Its availability and easy accessibility makes it a major and nice attraction for every visitor.


  • A grocery store.

The Harrods London department store sells fresh groceries to the locals in retail price.

  • Clothes for all sizes and genders.

They have clothes for children, men, women and also infants.

  • They sell stationery and school products

For school-going kids, they have plenty of learning materials available to them here, serving as a nice place for them to shop.

  • Availability of electronics and electronic devices.

Spare parts for electric products and electrical appliances are sold at Harrods at very affordable prices.

  • Perfumes and beauty products sale

Perfumes and beauty products are also available at Harrods, London. Women and makeup artists can get their beauty products at an affordable and pocket friendly price.

  • It is a pharmacy too.

Medicine can be found at Harrods department store. It gives all types of medicines including ointments, painkillers, and antibiotics.

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