Hampstead Heath

London is famous for its nice parks. Hampstead Heath is situated in the northern part of London city. The park sits on 790 acres of land, and it is located between Hampstead and High gate. It is listed among the highest sites of London city. It is also home to various unique landmarks. For example, you can have some tea in the outdoor garden in Kenwood House. Kenwood House is now a Heritage Site in the city which was formerly stately home.

There are various sporting fields too, especially in the southern part of Heath. In the northern part of Heath, you can see some wooded areas while the area between the two is a bit grassy. Thus, the grassy area is an ideal outdoor space that could suit any of your outdoor space needs. The following are the various sites you could find in Hampstead Heath.

  • Further Afield

Hampstead is a big site, which is one of the facts that make it the best place. It has numerous parks, pubs. Gardens and much more that would make your trip memorable.

  • Hampstead Heath Pergola

You can find the Hill Garden and Pergola. It is one of London’s secret gardens, which are adjacent to Heath. It is widely known for the impressive pergola walkway, pretty flower beds, and reflecting pond.

  • Parliament Hill

It is now time to enjoy those stunning views! Parliament Hill is actually the most famous spot in the whole of Hampstead Heath. You can enjoy the best views of the city right from Parliament Hill. Right from its top, you can see the Shard, The beautiful skyscrapers of London, and the London Eye. Thus, if you want to have the best sightseeing experience, you should visit Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath. Close to Parliament Hill, there is Hampstead Heath Over-ground station. You can begin from this station if you crave the best views of London city.

  • Golders Hill Park

You can visit Golders Hill Park. This park has a zoo and a croquet lawn. It has a lot to offer to all visitors, from kids to adults. If you happen to visit this spot in spring, you will love the beautiful gardens and flower beds. Photo lovers can pose bear the nice spring tulips and some crocuses.

  • Hampstead Heath Extension

The Hampstead Heath extension is yet another nice spot. However, it tends to get overlooked, yet it has a lot to offer. Anyone who wants to walk in a quiet environment should consider visiting the Hampstead Heath Extension. You can still get a glimpse of a beautiful residential spot called the Hampstead Heath Suburb.


Hampstead Heath has various sites that you can visit. House of Parliament, Hampstead Heath Pergola, Golders Hill Park, and the Hampstead Heath Extension are some of the best places you can visit in Hampstead Heath. Thus, anytime you intend to visit London, remember to plan a visit to Hampstead Heath. You will have a lot to enjoy, and you will definitely find a nice spot to rest.

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