Gorse Hill City Farm

The Gorse Hill City Farm offers a leisure and community service to the general public, opening its doors on both weekdays and weekends starting from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is situated next to English Martyrs School RC on Anstey Lane. The farm is accessible by public transport since Leicester Station is just a mile away but anyone wishing to visit using their private car is still welcome to do so since the farm offers a parking area.

History of Gorse Hill City Farm

The idea of this city farm came up back in 1985 after a group of 30 Leicester residents decided to take on the management of the overdue allotments which once stood at this particular site. For the idea to be put into action, they had to consult with the local authority so as to be granted the property legally. The city council which was okay with the group’s idea, signed over the Farm in Boxing Day1985 to the newly formed Friends of Leicester City Farm.

The Gorse Hill City Farm later became a registered charity. It has since then been dedicated to providing a recreational facility to all its visitors, and has also been a source of a lot of educational information.


  1. Native breeds

The farm is full of rare native breeds of goats, pigs, cattle and sheep. This means that to learn about certain species of these animals, one would need to pay the farm a visit making it an attraction site to many.

  1. Education room

The Farm hosts an educational room that is even available for hire.

  1. Gift shop

Located at the Famer’s Hut Café is City Farm’s gift shop that has an exciting variety of cuddy animals and toys that one can buy for their children while having a visit at the farm. How amazing is that? Very good news for your kids, right?

It also helps one in having a souvenir so as to remember their visit to the farm.


  1. Learning

There are numerous varieties of animals harbored in the farm making it easy for one with intention to learn about a specific kind of native breed.

Students or pupils always find this place very educative for them. Same case applies to historians.

  1. Seeing different kinds of native breeds

The specific breeds of animals found here, cannot be found anywhere else in Leicester, meaning that the farm is the gem in the sense that it is the only place housing some rare kinds of animals.

Visiting the farm will give you a glimpse of something unique that could be hard to find anywhere else near you.

  1. Picnics

The farm allows family picnics to be held there, and visitors can bring their snacks there, since it is not prohibited.

  1. Play area

The farm provides a playground for kids and while unpacking lunch or snacks, one can let their kids engage themselves in different activities at the play area.

If you are in Leicester, you can visit Belgrave Hall.

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