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Gas Leaks in the House are Extremely Hazardous

Gas has a very distinctive odor and it is usually immediately obvious when it is in the air.  If you smell gas when you walk in the door, it may due to gas leak in the house.  Natural gas is highly flammable and when it pours into an enclosed space a small spark can cause an explosion.  For this reason, you should not attempt to repair a gas leak personally.  Always contract a professional to deal with potentially hazardous situations.  Gas leaks in the house can come from several places.  Many stoves, clothes dryers and heating systems use gas as the fuel source.  A leak could be present due to a faulty seal, punctured line or a ruptured mainline.  Regardless where the gas is coming from, it must be dealt with promptly.

Make sure to turn off the mainline to the house, to prevent additional gas from entering your home, and then call ADI.  We are able to locate the problem area and repair the issue, quickly and safely.  Repair costs are usually included in the cost of the leak detection services, so you do not have to pay for two visits, where one will do.  We charge no fee for the call out and our prices are highly competitive.

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