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Gas Leaks in Home Settings are Nerve Wracking, Get Help From the Professionals

Walking in the front door to the distinctive smell of natural gas sends many people directly to their oven to check for faulty pilots and burners that might have been left on.  This may be the most common source of gas leak detection in home situations, but it is not the only source.  If you notice the smell of gas and cannot locate a reason for it immediately, you should call the professionals.  If the stove is off, the clothes dryer is running fine and so are all other gas appliances, it is time to turn off the main line and get out of the house.  If you do not know where the main line is located, vacate the house and contact us at ADI.

Gas leaks in home settings are often terrifying for home owners.  The potential for disaster is incredible.  If you have a central heating leak, be sure to open all doors and windows to prevent the possibility of a gas build up, while you wait for help to arrive.  Here at ADI, we recognize the need for emergency services and offer same day assessments when needed.  If you smell gas, call us today on 0800 731 8343 to find and fix the problem.  A gas leak is not something to wait on, it is highly flammable and subject to ignite from only any small spark.