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Gas Leaks are Dangerous – Act Fast!

Gas leaks can be a cause of damage to your home, as well as present a health risk to you and your family. For this reason it is imperative that you have your gas leaks fixed as quickly as possible. Turning off the mains gas supply at the source is not always enough. What if the mains gas valve is faulty and some gas still leaks through? You may not be aware of this happening, so it is important to act fast when faced with gas leaks. Call us right away, do not delay, this should be the first thing you do after locating your mains gas valve and turning it off.

Once we are on-site we can make sure that there is no possible threat of fire or explosion. We use a completely safe form of gas leak detection which uses hydrogen pumped through your domestic gas plumping to pinpoint the location of gas leaks.

Additionally, we can also assist with gas leaks which occur in LPG systems, including cookers and heating. In many ways LPG can be more dangerous than natural gas, and it is important that you tackle LPG leaks as soon as possible.
If you suspect gas leak in your home, then do not delay, call ADI now on 08007313843