If You Have An Undetected Gas Leak You Could Be Sitting On A Ticking Time Bomb

We don’t need to tell you that the gases used in your home heating system, such as methane, propane and butane, are explosive in nature and have to be dealt with very carefully.

Remember that gas is lighter than the air we breathe so it rises and can quickly accumulate in large quantities in your attic or upstairs bedrooms; by the time you smell gas it may already be too late.

You can’t trust just any leak detection company to deal with this sort of problem – you need to deal with professional leak detection engineers who are also Gas Safe registered and who are also able to serve customers anywhere in the mainland United Kingdom.

That’s exactly what you get when you hire an ADI leak detection engineer – a fully trained, qualified and insured individual capable of working on gas pipes safely.

You also have the ADI benefit of dealing with a team of engineers who are available to customers right across the United Kingdom too.

Why our gas leak detection solutions are superior:

Because we use a lot of “no touch” technology in our business we minimize the risks of additional damage being caused when we’re tracing a gas leak

No Backfilling
We don’t need to dig holes to find your gas leak so you save thousands of pounds in not having to backfill holes in your floors, gardens, drives or lawn

Advanced Equipment
When we’re tracing a leak we deploy a wide range of advanced equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detection systems, gas tracer and detector systems and leak correlators.

We have the training and experience to handle gas leaks safely, this isn’t something you can leave to chance!

We trace first and excavate afterwards – we already know where your leak is before we attempt to repair it. When you compare this to the hours other companies spend digging and drilling holes you’ll see how we’re simply more efficient

Cost Effective
We have an extremely strong work ethic and part of that is working as effectively as possible so your final bill is a lot smaller than you might expect – 99% of gas leak detection jobs are completed within our fixed price service

Environmentally Friendly
All of the tools and equipment we use are designed to minimize the impact we have on both your home and the environment in general

Why put up with the outdated and dangerous methods used by other leak detection companies that are not only expensive but can also be extremely dangerous to your family or business?

If you need some proof of how professional our gas leak detection service is here are some ADI customer reviews to look at:

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