Water Leak Location: Drayton Parslow, Milton Keynes

On a daily basis we receive inquiries about hidden leaks of all descriptions.

From huge leaks to tiny leaks… on huge commercial water supplies spanning large distances, or heating systems in small basement flats. We love our accuracy in Leak Detection.

Another large commercial leak detection project we undertook was on behalf of Network Rail.

But finding leaks on large premises like farms can be particularly fun and rewarding, albeit challenging. With no visible evidence whatsoever sometimes it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, on a farm… Literally.

We were asked to locate a leak for a customer on a farm in Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire, where the water mains pipework spanned across several fields, spurring off to various troughs and outbuildings.

We sent Adam and Matt from the team to go and get the leak found.

On arrival Adam and Matt were shown around the farm by the customer, and an inspection of the meter revealed that it was constantly spinning round.

This was actually one of the first clues that informed our customer about the existence of the leak – this along with a rather unwelcome and expensive water bill!

In situations like this the first step is usually a series of isolation tests to identify which pipe is leaking.

Once the problematic pipe was identified Adam and Matt then used sensitive ground microphones to start localising the unique sound of the water escaping from the pipe.

This was followed by testing with tracer gases which slowly rise up through the ground once they escape from the pipe at the location of the leak.

Leaking Water Pipe - Entry Point

(Above – leak evidence picked up by the acoustic equipment)

As we book out a whole day for our investigations, we can often repair leaks on the same day, and this was one of those fortunate cases!

With permission from the customer, Adam and Matt (AKA The Human Digger) exposed the hard concrete to find the leak literally spraying out of a black alkathene pipe next to a compression nut.

Leak Exposed After Locating

The leak was repaired with a new 25mm stopcock connecting to 20mm blue MDPE and the pipe was re-tested upon completion to make sure there were no further leaks.

Leak Detected & Repaired

This is just one of many cases where we have been able to find and fix a leak before it caused any significant damage to our customer’s property.

Have you received a high water bill? Is your water meter constantly spinning even though you are not consciously using any water in the property? We are also specialists at locating central heating leaks.

If so, then give ADI a call on 0800 731 3843 before your leak starts causing serious damage to your property and taking more money out of your pocket!