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For Leak Detection London Residents Choose Expert Services

Leak detection in London is a very serious business. Each year, residents of the city face high repair and replacement costs due to water pipe leaks brought on by freezing weather. In fact, the cost of a single repair can be well into the thousands of pounds. That’s not a cost that many families can afford to pay, especially on top of increasing costs of living. Professional services offering leak detection in London and the surrounding area offer important advantages for homeowners and help ensure savings and greater peace of mind.

Working with an expert for leak detection in London is more than important, though. ADI offers non-invasive leak tracing and detection services. Choosing the wrong company can have devastating consequences, as they can rip up home floorboards or dig up concrete and earth around the home in search of the central heating leak. ADI utilizes advanced technology, such as thermal imaging and acoustic natural gas leak detectors to accurately identify problem areas without costing homeowners additional money in repairs and replacement costs for walls, flooring or outdoor areas damaged in the detection process.

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