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Fixing Gas Leaks in Home Quickly and Easily

If you open your front door and the first thing you smell is the odor of gas, open the doors and windows and turn off the mainline.  gas leak in home situations can be very dangerous.  If the smell is overwhelming, leave the doors and windows open to give your home a chance to air out.  If the smell does not abate, call ADI for expert leak detection and the utility company to report a potential problem with the gas main.  If the smell does abate, enter your home and check all of your gas appliances.  If you have a gas stove, make sure all burners are off, and that the pilot light is lit.  If nothing is wrong with the stove, check all connections and any other gas appliances.  If you still cannot find the cause of the odor, call us and we will employ our state of the art detection equipment.

We understand the need to quickly locate and fix the source of gas leaks in home situations.  People are uncomfortable waiting in a home that has a problem with a natural gas leak.  Not only is the gas flammable, but with the main switch turned off, most of your appliances won’t function.  Call us today on 0800 731 8343 to get advice from one of our leak detection specialists.

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