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Fixing Baxi Back Boiler Leaks to Avoid Heat and/or Hot Water Loss

Finding energy efficient solutions for home appliances and systems is of rising import given the consistent increase in energy costs.  With no decrease in sight, home owners are becoming more concerned with installing home equipment that is efficient while still providing the service they have come to expect.  Combi boilers, like those manufactured by Baxi, are an excellent way to reduce energy usage.  Given their efficient use of energy to provide both heat and hot water, many home owners are having them installed.  Regular maintenance can keep these units up and running for years, and repairs are along the same lines as those needed for any plumbing installation.  At ADI gas leak detection, we provide services that can provide assistance fixing Baxi back boiler leaks as needed.

Because these systems integrate heat and hot water it is crucial to keep them properly maintained.  Fixing Baxi back boiler gas leak as soon as they appear is important to avoid increasing repair bills and the inconvenience of no heat or hot water.  Do not wait until the middle of the worst weather to have your boiler serviced, or you risk break downs when you can least afford it.  Instead, contact us today on 0800 731 8343 to schedule a maintenance service for your Baxi back boiler.

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