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Fix Small Leaks in Water Pipes to Prevent Big Floods

Plumbing is a fairly obvious set up, without the inherent dangers of electrical work.  The issue with doing your own plumbing maintenance and repair is that it requires precision work.  If pipes are not properly plumbed, they will not function as they are meant to and may break or leak more often than is warranted.

Leaks in water pipes are not immediately obvious to property owners, but the damage they cause starts immediately.  If the gas leak is located behind a wall or under a floor, the average property owner will not be able to locate the leak without ripping out walls or lifting floor boards.

Leaks in water pipes can grow from small drips to rushing floods over night, particularly in the winter.  As soon as you notice a problem, you need to address the issue of a central heating leak.  Otherwise, the moisture behind the walls can cause several problems.  Don’t wait until water is pouring into your home, as soon as you notice a damp area or additional condensation, call in the leak experts at ADI commercial leak detection.  We have extensive experience diagnosing leaks and locating the problem area.

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