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leak Detection Services

Finding Water Leaks

Finding water leaks isn’t always easy. They often start off small and become worse over time. Therefore if they are hidden behind a wall for example, they can be really hard to spot early on. Pipe leaks can also be really hard to detect. You could hear a hissing sound but not know where it is coming from. The easiest and most cost effective way of finding water leaks is to use a leak detection services.

Let ADI Help You

ADI is one of the UK’s leading leak detection and repair companies. We have all of the specialist equipment needed to detect any type of leak in the home. Having this specialist equipment helps us to find leaks quickly; saving you time and money.

Perhaps the main advantage of ADI is the fact that we charge a fixed fee for gas leak detection & repair. You won’t be charged any extra unless there is a lot of extensive work to be done to repair the problem. You can contact ADI on our free phone number: 08007313843 now.