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Finding Slow Leaks in Combi System Pipes Can Prevent Worse Problems

As energy prices continue to climb, energy efficient solutions for heating and hot water are becoming more common.  Combi systems offer a solution that reduces energy costs while still providing super-hot water on demand and a comfortable temperature throughout your home.  However, it is important to have these systems maintained regularly as an issue with the combi will affect major home systems.  It may be possible to get along without hot water for a while, but it is next impossible to live without heat during a bad winter.  Finding slow gas leaks in combi system pipes is something that a regular maintenance visit can do.  Always have your system checked before the winter weather sets in, so that you are not in a position of freezing while waiting for a service call.

Finding slow central heating leak in combi system pipes before the system becomes completely active in the winter is important to avoid major problems.  Slow leaks can quickly become major leaks, especially during the winter.  The freezing and thawing cycle that water goes through during cold temperatures can expand existing slow leaks into raging torrents of water. ADI leak detection services are able to locate and repair even the smallest issues.  Contact us today on 0800 731 8343 to schedule a service call that will keep your combi system in tip top shape.

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