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Fast, Efficient Fixes for Thames Water Leaks

No matter where in England you live, ADI leak experts can help with plumbing problems.  We use only the most innovative technologies for gas leak detection to save you the added expenses that can go hand in hand with finding, fixing and repairing a leak.  Thames water leaks are well within our service area, and we are familiar with the area and the plumbing commonly installed.  This allows us to quickly and easily diagnose the issue and arrange for repairs.  The central heating leak detection methods we employ allow us to find Thames water leaks with no damage to your property.

Not only does modern technology let us find the general area of the leak, it allows us to pinpoint the problem to within 5cm.  With such a small area to worry about, the damage to surrounding property is minimal.  Plumbers can cut out the precise amount of wall, floor, concrete or other material needed to reach the issue.  Once the leak has been exposed, it is a simple matter to fix it and repair any property damage.  Instead of gaping holes all over the property, there will only be one hole and it will be the minimum size needed to do the job.  Call today at 0800 731 8343 to schedule your water leak repairs.

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