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Need an Expert At Finding Underground Water Leaks?

Do You Have An Underground Water Leak Pouring Water & Your Money Down The Drain?

We speak to many tenants, homeowners, landlords & business owners every day who are suffering from hidden or underground water leaks, many are concerned just like you are. Many of these customers are extremly concerned about how to find underground water leaks.

No matter if your leak is an internal or external underground water leak it will be a worrying time for you:

  • Your water meter bill is running up by the hour – pouring your money down the drain.
  • Health risks to your & your family as damp and mildew problems appear attracting all sorts of bugs & insects
  • Hidden Leaks under your floors or in your walls causing cosmetic damage to your home
  • Underground water mains leaks causing subsidence, damage to your garden or driveway

At ADI Leak Detection we have a range of solutions for you all included in our leak detection & repair service which provides you with all of the following:

Free telephone advice on managing the leak until we arrive – this could save any further damage and costs for you.

A fully insured professional plumbing, heating & leak detection engineer dispatched to property – guaranteed high quality & professional workmanship.

Three methods of leak detection applied to accurately pinpoint your leak – saving you hundreds or thousands of pounds in unnecessary damage to your property when compared to  traditional leak detection methods.

  • Method 1 – Thermal Imaging Cameras to view any warm or cold areas of your building – Identifying the leak location
  • Method 2 – Acoustic Listening Devices – To listen for exact leak locations both internally and externally – Pinpointing your leak location to within 50mm
  • Method 3 – A safe gas mixture (Hydrogen / Nitrogen)  is introduced into your pipework at safe pressures – the gas is the sniffed out as it rises to the surface, pinpointing the exact location of your underground water leak

The leak that is damaging your property will have been accurately located without the need for digging by guesswork, the only excavation of any flooring or garden will be in the exact location of the leak to enable the repair of your leak.

Saving you hundreds or thousands of pounds in labour and unnecessary repair costs.

If your leak is on a central heating or under floor heating system your entire system will be tested for further leaks – giving you complete peace of mind with the service you receive.

Here is what some of our previous customers have said:

So are you ready to arrange for the most efficient, accurate and advanced leak detection methods to be put to use to locate the leaks on your property? Stop worrying about how to find underground water leaks, leave finding the leaks to our expert leak detect & repair experts.

Call our friendly & professional team on 08007313843 now and stop pouring money down the drain or any further damage to your home.