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Experiencing the ADI Difference

When it comes to customer service and quality of service the sad truth is that most people are so used to receiving poor service from companies that they don’t expect anything different from anyone else. It’s become a really, really common problem with all types of services that both home and business owners needs and unfortunately people who are seen as “tradesmen” are usually judged in advance to be cowboys before they ever get a chance to prove their abilities and sincerity.

That’s why ADI have made such a big impression on our customers from the very start – we behave like professionals and we work like professionals. What we’ve found amazing is how much of a rarity this is for our customers simply because they’ve had such negative experiences with other companies for a variety of reasons but mostly down to very poor customer service and/or very poor work full stop.

So the ADI difference is that we work efficiently and in the most unobtrusive fashion possible to ensure that we minimize any disruption to you, your family or your business. To enable us to do this we deploy a range of futuristic leak detection devices like thermal imaging cameras, snake cameras and acoustic gas leak detectors. This sophisticated equipment allows us to see through walls and listen for central heating leak buried deep underground and we also means that we don’t need to dig holes to find your leak.

From a customers perspective you get to deal with a team of complete and total professionals who work hard to find your leak and do so as quickly as possible to keep the costs down for you.

You need to experience the ADI difference of fast, efficient and friendly service from a team of qualified and trained professionals to really appreciate it.

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Leak Detection In Walls Using Thermal Imaging