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Examine the Causes of External Wall Leaks

There are many places where your home is vulnerable to water damage.  Internal pipes, roof, basement and the external walls.  External wall leaks have the potential to cause thousands of pounds worth of damage, sometimes before the gas leak is even noticed.  External wall leaks can enter the home at any point along its elevation.  If the cause is poorly maintained gutters, it is a fairly simple repair.

This should be the first thing you check if you notice water that appears to be from an external wall issue.  Gutters that are not installed properly, or that do not extend far enough out can run the water along the outside wall of the home instead of out and away.  This results in additional vulnerability to water leaks. Another potential cause of external wall leaks is poor sealing on windows.  Windows need to be checked and re-sealed periodically to keep them water tight.

No matter what the source of the leak is ADI central heating leak can help you locate it and repair it.  Our leak detection specialists are able to find and recommend repair options for most leaks.  In fact, unless the repair requires extensive work, our specialists will perform the repair, as basic repair costs are included in the price of the service.  Contact us on 0800 731 8343 to get quality detection and repair services.