So we are well into our 5th week of lockdown in the UK. How are you all hanging in there?

We are fortunate enough that all our staff, Engineers and their loved ones are all safe and well and we very much hope you are able to say the same.

If you managed to check out our previous blog you’ll know that we deliberated long and hard about whether or not we would stay open for business, carefully weighing up the risks posed to our Engineers and customers VS the Nation’s need for clean, functional water supplies.

With the help of our Governing Body the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE), we decided that Water Leak Detection is an essential service – particularly under the current circumstances – and we would continue to accept as many bookings as we could accommodate.

So what’s changed at ADI Leak Detection during the past 5 weeks?

Well we are Risk Assessing every inquiry on an individual basis and of course our Engineers are kitted out with extra PPE.  We are also asking everyone on site, whether domestic or commercial, to adhere to the Government’s 2m social distancing guidelines.

Water Leaking & Rising To The Surface Before Water leak DetectionInterestingly, we have also noticed a slight change in the type of inquiries we are receiving.

As you may already know, two of our most effective methods of Leak Detection include tracer gas testing and acoustic testing.  We pump harmless tracer gases into the pipework and use gas sensors to detect where the gases rise up through the floor or ground. We also use sensitive microphones to pick up the sound of the gas escaping.

These methods, while extremely accurate and reliable, are sometimes tricky to implement on busy commercial sites such as schools, offices, or even hospitals because people generally need to use the water and these kinds of places are also pretty noisy! So it can be hard to pinpoint the hissing sound of the gases leaking from the pipe.

But the fact that many of these sorts of premises are now vacant means they have finally been able to book in with ADI Leak Detection for leak detection service.

So we have managed to locate leaks on several school premises, a waste management site and various other commercial sites including one we did recently for Network Rail at Apsley Train Station.

This was not our first time finding a leak for Network Rail and it is always a pleasure to work for them. Network Rail & Thames Water have a water leak partnership and it is a pleasure to assist them. The fact that the station is receiving virtually no footfall at the moment, meant that the conditions were perfect for Leak Detection. We have also been busy finding leaks on farms too!

By the time we arrived on site, another Leak Detection company had already tried to find the leak and even dug several holes, but to no avail.

A temporary supply was being used at the station so the first thing our Engineers did was turn it off and connect on to the water mains with an air compressor, which is a slight twist on our usual techniques.

After some time, the air and water mix was able to make its way to the leak location, creating visible bubbling and water rising up through a patch of tarmac that had already been dug out and reinstated!

Our Engineers then used our advanced acoustic equipment to pinpoint the leak about one foot away from the hole that had been made previously.

As our Leak Detection methods are non-invasive, it means we can avoid causing unnecessary damage during the investigation process.

We still receive inquiries from people who say they need us to dig test holes to locate a leak, but our approach means that this can be avoided, saving time money that would otherwise be spent digging and rectifying all the damage. We even received a call from a client where her cat seemed to have detected the leak!

The other company was close!!! But in this industry accuracy is everything.

We will be returning at a later date once Network Rail’s Engineers have excavated the area and carried out the repair, because the next crucial step will be to re-test the pipework to make sure there are no further leaks.

Location Of The Water LeakI would like to take this opportunity to shout out and say a huge “Thank you!” to all our customers.

We know that sadly many businesses will not survive the drastic social-economic changes that are happening as a result of Covid-19 and we are so grateful we have managed to stay open, continuing to provide our leak detection services to businesses and homeowners throughout the country.

As I said before, maintaining heating, sanitation and clean water supplies to every single household and commercial premise is more important now than ever before.

So if you have a leak that you need to locate – maybe you have been putting it off for a while – now could be the perfect time to book your Leak Detection.

Don’t forget all our Engineers are registered plumbers and heating engineers, meaning we can also carry out repairs to pipework in most cases too.

Call us now on 0800 731 3843 to find out how we can help with your water leak detection.