Donnington, Oxfordshire

Donnington is a small housing estate in Oxford. It is located near the River Thames and around Boundary Brook Road. To the south it is bordered by Iffley Village, to the north we find Iffley Fields and Cowley is found in the east. It contains a ruined medieval castle and a Strawberry Hill Gothic mansion.

History of Donnington, Oxfordshire

Donnington originally consisted of curtain wall with four round corner towers, two square wall towers and a gatehouse constructed around the courtyard. The courtyard buildings included a hall, a kitchen and lodgings for guests. Henry VIII is reported to have stayed here in 1539 and Elizabeth I in 1568.

Major Attractions Found In Donnington

  1. Bourton-on-the-Water

Here you will find pretty cottages and coloured brick houses.

  1. Market Cross

It was constructed in medieval times to act as a reminder of honesty and fairness virtues during trading activities.

  1. Donnington Brewery

This is a rural brewery which has been operation from 1800s till now.

  1. River Eye

Here you will find the old water wheel.

  1. Morris and Brown café

The café is attractive with coffee, cakes, Ice cream and plenty parking with outdoor seating.

  1. Batsford Arboretum

It is an oasis with over 2900 trees, a large collection of Japanese maples, pines and colourful flowers.

  1. Moreton-in-Marsh

This is a pretty market that holds trading activities every Tuesday.

  1. Greystones Farm Nature Reserve

The features found here include: rare tree species, ancient hedgerows, wildflower meadows and the River Eye.

  1. Die Rollright Stones

This is a great view where tourists can go for a picnic.

  1. King Stone

It is a fine standing stone located just off the crest of the low rise.

  1. Chastleton House

It was originally owned by rich wool merchant, Walter Jones.

  1. Broadway Tower

This is the second highest point on the Cotswold escarpment.

  1. Lower Slaughter

This is a small village on the River Eye. It has a cozy café and also attracts tourists with clothing and fishing rods.

Donnington Doorstep services

Donnington Doorstep is an independent community-based family Centre which offers very special and sensitive services. The services include:

  • Evening youth sessions
  • Community events are hosted there
  • Parenting programmes are carried out
  • You will also find well cooked food in Oxford Food Bank.
  • They help in good mental and physical health of the youths, children and their families.
  • The main focus here is: playing, food, support and community development

Donnington News

  1. Petworth baby bank provides vital supplies for families
  2. New scheme to reduce food waste in Chichester district
  3. Planning applications submitted to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority.

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