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Domestic Water Leak Detection Can Cost Thousands of Pounds

Winter weather in the UK can wreak havoc on your home, particularly with your water pipes. Pipes in your walls, ceiling and floor can freeze with the onset of cold weather, and then thaw as the weather warms. This causes flexing in the pipes, creating weak points. Over time, those weak points will turn into leaks. Domestic water central heating leak detection services can help identify those areas before they become massive problems.

UK homeowners face skyrocketing repair bills. In fact, the average cost for locating and repairing a water leak is well into the thousands of pounds when using traditional natural gas leak detection methods, That’s no small charge, but homeowners do not have to be subject to high rates. Accurate domestic water leak detection using cutting edge tools can be non-invasive, safe and accurate. That saves a significant amount of money over older methods that often involved ripping out sections of wall or floor. ADI offers the most advanced domestic water leak detection services for homeowners, and can ensure that you save thousands of pounds when a water leak threatens your home.

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