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Domestic Leak Detection from ADI

The vast majority of leaks in a home heating system are small and pretty difficult to find so that’s why ADI Water Leak Detection invested in a state-of-the-art gas tracing system to find these small and very awkward leaks. So, for example, if you have central heating system with a leak and you have flooring that can’t be easily removed (who doesn’t?) like wood flooring, tiles or marble then finding the leak can be a bit of a nuisance. The last thing you want to have to do is dig up half of your floor to track down a tiny pinprick of a leak buried down there – that’s just too costly an option.

Most of the leaks you’ll have in your home will happen downstairs (if you’re living in a two-storey building) because if you had a leak on the second floor one of the dead giveaways would be wet patches on the ceiling or even water dripping down your walls – you’re not going to miss that kind of thing to be fair.

At ADI Gas Leak Detection when we’re working on these types of tiny leaks we know that using our nitrogen gas tracer system makes the most sense. When we employ this piece of equipment we drain all the water from your pipes and then fill it with an inert (non-explosive) gas which then flows through your pipes. We leave our gas sensors at strategic points on the floor and when the nitrogen-hydrogen mix that we use leaks through the hole our gas sensors instantly pick it up – even if the gas is leaking out at multiple points in your water pipes.

And because it’s a gas once we’ve found your leak we can flush it from your water pipes, repair the leak and get you back to normal again in no time at all – and all with a minimum amount of cleaning up to be done.