Do You Have Hidden Water Pipe Leaks At Home?

Leak Exposed After Locating

Water leaks are a common in older homes today, however, due to the complexities involved in identifying them they have become a thorn in the flesh for many homes.

The words water leak may sound simple, yet hidden water leaks under floors can cause untold havoc in premises.

Dangers of Leaking Water Pipes

Leak Located & exposedWhile it is important to note that simple leaks can lead to bigger leaks over time, it is imperative to understand what causes this undesirable phenomena in the first place.

The following are just but a few causes of hidden pipes to suddenly start leaking;

  • Water pipes at times become victims of shifts within the ground. These natural earthly movements may interfere with the lines in a physical way leading to breakages.
  • Like high blood pressure in mammals, high water pressure in the pipes may prove to be too much for ageing pipes leading to breakages.
  • Large tree roots may penetrate pipes in an undesirable way leading to breakages.
  • Extreme temperatures during the day and night may cause uneven expansion and contraction of pipes leading to breakages.

Broken pipes are a great danger; the danger here presents itself in many ways. Health wise, toxic material may find itself in pipes and ultimately end up in your drinking glass; alternatively, water sources are breeding grounds for many diseases causing organisms that may incapacitate victims.

Therefore, the important need to arrest any leakages promptly if detected.

Identifying Hidden Water Leaks 

While some leaks are easy to spot, some are however difficult to spot, as they are so small or are otherwise well hidden. Nevertheless, the following are some important signs that you may be having a leaking problem:

Hidden water pipe leak specialistsNeed a Leak Detection Specialist?

While the above can often be true signs that there is an underlying leakage problem in the premises, the above may sometimes be misleading; however, the best way to determine truly a water leak is to hire a professional leak detection specialist. Plumbing & heating contractors simply do not carry the same level of specialist equipment or expertise as our specialist teams.

Our services are usually covered by Trace & Access as part of your home insurance policy – meaning your water leak will have little to no out of pocket cost to you!

Here at ADI Leak Detection we pride ourselves on being the Original UK Leak Detection Company.


Call us today on 0800 731 3843 for help with your hidden water pipe leak!



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