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Do You Have A Leak Under Your Floor?

A gas leak under floor can be either one of the easiest things to identify or it can be one of the hardest. It can be the easiest, if we see the build of water on flooring surfaces or we have damp carpeting; which is often darker than surrounding carpeting, these visible signs all tell us that we have a potential leak under the floor and if so, we can then address the problem and the cause of the problem promptly, to avoid further damage to your home. This, although not being a welcome sign, means that we are alerted to a problem leak and can fix it,  but what if we have an under floor leak that we cannot see. How do we even know if we have a leak if we cannot see it?

Well, there are often tell-tale signs that can warn us about a leak somewhere in the home.

Identifying Signs of Leaks

There are a number of signs that point to the fact that we have a leak in our home. The following are just a few of the signs and indicators that we may see:-

  • combi boiler regularly losing pressure;
  • combi boilers need recharging every month;
  • ball valves on heating feed and expansion cisterns constantly running or dipping;
  • ball valves on cold water cisterns constantly running or dripping with no water running;
  • water meters constantly running when appliances are turned off;
  • your water board reported leak on your premises.

If you have a leak under your floor then it could be an expensive business to get it fixed. It could mean that you have to have flooring torn up or in the case of a concrete or wood floor it could mean digging it up or removing wooden flooring in a number of places before a leak is identified. This causes a great deal of disturbance and you also have the cost of laying fresh concrete or new wooden flooring as well as the cost of the repair itself.

You can avoid many of these problems by using ADI Leak Detection. We offer advanced technological central heating leak detection using equipment such as thermal imaging, safe tracer gases and sensors, snake cameras and acoustic leak detection equipment to investigate and identify leaks. This minimises invasive investigation and disturbance and quite often the leak can be found in a fraction of the time taken using conventional methods.

If you suspect a leak under floor then using call ADI water leak detection, We Will Find Your Leak!

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