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Detecting Water Pipe Leaks Unobtrusively

As many home owners will no doubt be aware, detecting water pipe leaks which are not instantly obvious can be difficult. The main problem with detecting leaks which are not in visible pipes is that where the water is visible, is not always where the central heating leak actually is. It is entirely possible for water pipe leaks to be present many feet away from where it actually seems the water is. In the past, the only way to locate these kinds of water pipe leaks was to start ripping out plaster and exposing the pipes beneath. However, we have some much more advanced methods of detecting water pipe leaks at our disposal, which are entirely unobtrusive.

We have a range of specialist leak detectors we can use to locate water pipe leaks. We can employ acoustic gas leak detectors, which allow us to listen to the leak, think of this like a doctor’s stethoscope for your walls and plumbing. We can also use thermal imaging cameras to show us where walls are made either cooler or warmer by the leaking water. On top of this, we can use snake cameras to get into places where the human eye cannot.

If you have a leak in your water pipes and are having trouble locating it, then call ADI on 08007313843 and let us use these advanced methods of leak detection for you!

Leak Detection Services