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Detecting Water Leaks

When it comes to water leaks, unless you’re a professional there are important signs that are easily missed. ADI employs only the best, qualified plumbers. They will help you to detect the leak and fix it within record time. This is all thanks to the specialized equipment we use.

The Equipment We Use

In order to detect a leak, we use moisture detectors as well as Thermal Imaging equipment. The latter is the most advanced equipment and it helps us to see directly through walls without the need to knock them down.

What Happens Once a Leak Has Been Detected?

If our plumbers find a leak, you will be asked whether you want them to go ahead and repair it for you. If you’d prefer, you can always get a different plumber to fix it. Once a gas leak is detected we ask you whether you want us to fix the problem and all costs are included in the quoted price, unless extensive works are required. There are no hidden fees charged.

So when it comes to detecting water leaks, you need ADI. Call us now on 08007313843 if you suspect that your home has a water leak.

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