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Detecting Natural Gas Leaks

One of the questions our technicians are asked most frequently is how do we detect natural gas leaks? Most of our customers find it hard to believe that we can locate natural gas leak detector so quickly. You cannot see gas and in most cases you cannot hear the gas leak. You can smell it but this only gives a rough indication of where the gas leak actually is. So how do we locate natural gas leaks quickly and accurately?

We use a combination of specialist techniques and high tech equipment to safely locate natural gas leaks. Firstly, we have access to a whole range of specialized leak detectors. These sophisticated pieces of equipment use thermal imaging cameras and special probes which can locate the existence of gas in the air.

For natural gas leaks that are harder to pinpoint, we can employ a much more sophisticated method of locating the leak. We seal off your gas plumbing and fill it full of hydrogen. This harmless gas is very easy to locate. Where the hydrogen gas leaks out is where the leak is, it is that simple! So, now you know how we locate natural gas leaks, you know to call us on 08007313843 next time you suspect a leak in your own home!