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Dealing with Leaks

Every home suffers from either a gas or water leaks at some time; it is something that is unavoidable. Some central heating leak detection can seriously damage furnishings and other household property, just how bad this damage is depends entirely upon how you act when you first find the leak. Below are some quick tips to help you deal with any leaks you find.

  • Turn off the mains supply immediately – Either water or gas, don’t think twice, turn off the mains supply.
  • Open the windows – If it is a gas leak, then open up windows and doors to let the gas escape once the mains supply has been turned off.
  • Mop it up – If it is a water leak, then mop up as much water as you can. You will be amazed just how far and fast water can spread.
  • Soak it up – For water leaks on carpets and other perishable floor coverings, then make sure you soak up as much as you can. Bathroom towels are great for this; they can be laundered or even replaced afterwards, far cheaper than the cost of replacing a carpet.
  • Call ADI – Call ADI on 08007313843 and let us take care of the leaks for you in a quick and cost effective way.