As a nation we are pretty obsessed with our beloved cats and dogs! But would you ever have guessed that your cat might be able to give you a clue about the location of your leak?!

We were called out to investigate a leak on a central heating system. A classic sign of a leak on a central heating system for many of our customers is that their combi boiler keeps losing pressure.

Depending on the size of your leak, it could happen instantly or it could take days.Furry Friend Finds A Leak

When warm water escapes from a central heating pipe or hot feed buried inside a concrete floor, it can literally create a ‘hot spot’ on the floor.

These hot spots may not be hot enough for you to notice them, but they can be picked up by our sensitive thermal imaging cameras.

Turns out they may also be picked up by your cat!

After we confirmed the location of a leak under a kitchen floor with tracer gases and acoustic leak detection, the customer told us their cat had been sitting in that exact spot for weeks!

Other clues have included dogs chewing at walls and barking at basin pedestals!

They can become quite distressed when their sensitive ears pick up the subtle acoustic signs given off by a leak.

Can you blame them? If our ears were that sensitive it would drive us crazy too.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Pay attention if your pet starts behaving unusually – they might be trying to tell you something!

And they might even save you some money!

We don’t only find leaks on heating systems – no leak is too big for us, including this leak we found for Network Rail.

If you’re not sure, call us on 0800 731 3843 for a non-invasive Leak Detection just to be on the safe side!