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Contract ADI Water Leak Detection Specialists to Minimise Property Damage

Knowing you have a leak and being able to locate it are two very different things. When your property springs a leak external to the building that means the problem is located underground. Many home owners wince at the thought of massive damage to their lawn or garden. The most common misconception we hear at ADI is that digging is necessary to locate the source of the gas leak.

While that may be true for other companies, ADI water leak detection specialists do not need to damage your property to find the source of the problem. The advanced technology that ADI water leak detection specialists use can pinpoint the exact problem area to within 5cm, with no digging at all.

If the only thing holding you back from having the leak central heating repairs is concern about unavoidable damage to your property, pick up the phone today. With ADI water leak detection specialists, disturbance is kept to an absolute minimum and your property is treated with the utmost respect. When you call in a contractor or plumber, the result can be a nightmare of cosmetic repairs when they are done finding and fixing the problem. Avoid these issues with the quick and professional service offered by ADI water leak detection specialists. Call 08007313843 today for a free quotation.

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