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Consider Domestic Leaks Done

At ADI we specialize in all aspects of gas leak detection but we realize that most calls come from our domestic customers and they’re the people that are at the highest risk of expensive damage to personal items and keepsakes that are simply irreplaceable. It’s because of this that we don’t charge for call outs and do our very best to detect up to 98% of leaks within one working day so you don’t need us to keep coming back looking for the problem.

One of the most troublesome leaks for any domestic property owner is a leak that’s inside a wall so you’re not certain of the exact source of it. To combat problems like this we can deploy our thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors to check both the ambient water content of a room and look for specific “cold” spots within your walls which would indicate a central heating problems

And because we know how much you value your property we also carry out only non-invasive leak detection surveys so that your property is never damaged while we’re working to locate your leak – that’s what our thermal imaging cameras, nitrogen hydrogen leak tracing gas systems, snake cameras and moisture detectors are for. Other companies might be happy to start digging holes to find your leak but ADI Leak Detection work with a far more sophisticated and expert approach to finding the source of any internal or external leak.

So if you’re a residential property owner or tenant and want to sort your leak problem out once and for all then give our Free phone number a call now so we can have a quick chat about how we can help you – > 08007313843

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