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Commercial or Industrial Leak problems?

Although ADI have a very solid domestic property customer base that doesn’t mean that we’re not able or willing to tackle commercial or even industrial central heating problems if needs be. We understand that our domestic customers want their leak found and fixed as quickly as possible because it’s interfering with their personal lives – that’s just a given and very much part of our nature as human beings; we don’t like being uncomfortable.

But we also understand that when it comes to a leak on an industrial or commercial property that the people running the business are looking at expensive downtime – if the business isn’t operating properly then money is being lost. With that in mind we ensure that our business and industrial customers receive a high priority when it comes to finding the source of their leak.

For some companies a water leak could potentially mean that stock or equipment worth millions of pounds could be damaged beyond repair and this is something that ADI engineers work very hard in conjunction with the business owners to prevent. Because of the current and trying economic times that any property manager or business owner really cannot afford to make any mistakes when it comes to dealing with a leak of any kind.

And ADI also realize that providing a non-intrusive leak detection survey is important for the customers of the business as well as the business owners themselves. That’s why hiring the services of our experienced and highly trained engineers makes perfect sense for any commercial or industrial concern dealing with a leak issues of any kind.

So if you want fast and professional service from a team of highly experienced gas leak detection engineers then you should get in touch with ADI now – it’ll be the single best decision you’ve made all day.

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