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Combat Combi Boiler Leaks with Detection Services

A combi boiler is a really efficient way to heat a home and provide all the needed hot water.  Unfortunately, that means that if something happens to the combi boiler you have neither heat nor hot water until it is repaired.  Combi boiler leaks result in a lack of water pressure that impairs its function.  A gas leak can develop any where in the piping system, and if you do not bleed the radiators on a regular basis the air can cause a back-up which results in combi boiler leaks.  Leaks can be intermittent, making them difficult to diagnose, if you only call a plumber.

For intermittent leaks, like those often experienced by people with combi boiler units, you need a leak detection specialist.  ADI uses only the best leak detection equipment to locate the source of the problem.  Even if the central heating leak is not currently dripping, ADI specialists can find the source and make recommendations for repair.  In most cases, we can include the repair cost as part of the diagnosis.  Instead of dealing with water dripping on the floor without warning, get things cleaned up permanently with a permanent repair.  Call us on 0800 731 8343 to speak to one of our leak detection experts.

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