Churchill War Rooms

If you want to get a glimpse of the tense world war 2 effectively, Winston Churchill war rooms is the best place to visit. Every corner in the rooms tells a story and gives a picture of what war and tension looked like in the era. Get the stories of the people who had lived and worked in this crucial site in the world’s history.

The Churchill war rooms were top-secret basement offices in 1938 and were known as cabinet war rooms. The rooms were occupied by the leading government ministers, Winston Churchill the prime minister, and military strategists. These rooms subsequently became Britain’s main war machine.

History of Churchill War Rooms

After the great world war one devastation on Britain, military planners had a fear that in the future wars there would be up to 200,000 casualties. As a result, plans were drawn to evacuate the prime minister and other government staff essentials as early as in the 1920s. However, due to the evacuation, the Londoners would feel abandoned and so an emergency shelter was found in Central London.

The war rooms served as a meeting place for the war cabinet during war raids and also serve as a safer place for the prime minister. The war rooms only became full operation in August 27, 1939 which was a week before officially declared war on Germany.

Attractions sites in the Churchill War Rooms

  1. Visit the map room that was always in use 24 hours a day. It was in this map room that vital information about king George VI and prime minister together with the armed forces was always collated.
  2. Churchill’s bedroom which was just next to the map room where the prime minister was known to host meetings and take his one hour long nap in the afternoon.
  3. The cabinet room is where the prime minister and his key ministers together with his advisors. They would all meet here with the heads of the Navy, Army and Air force.
  4. Churchill museum where you can discover the history of Churchill from his lonely childhood to his military life. Here you can also view his personal items and the historical artefacts.

Activities in the Churchill War Rooms

  1. You can shop at the Churchill war rooms where you can buy souvenirs, toys, vintage posters. All of these tell a story but you cannot use cash to buy any of the things. You will also be needed to use the sanitization station before and after making a transaction.
  2. You can also eat and drink at the Churchill war rooms café where it always open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 10am to 5pm.
  3. You can make donations at the site that will go towards maintaining the site for future generations.
  4. You are also allowed to take pictures or videos for your personal use and not for any commercial use. However, you are not allowed to use tripods or flash and you are also refrained from filming people without their permission. You also need to observe signage where filming is not allowed.
  5. At Churchill’s bedroom you can choose to read letters from Churchill and his wife while getting to know more about Churchill Winston.

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