Chew Valley Lake, Bristol

Chew Valley Lake is located in Somerset, Bristol. This Lake is ranked 5th largest artificial reservoir in the whole of England. It was created in the 1950s but later launched in 1956 by Queen Elizabeth 11. The Lake is the main source of drinking water for the Bristol residents. The surrounding areas also benefit from the water from this Lake. Its water flows from the Mendip Hills. And its water, some of it, helps in maintaining flow in River Chew.

The area was occupied since the Neolithic period, according to archeological investigations that were carried out here. Some Roman artifacts were revealed during the investigation. The Lake is crucial for wildlife. It is designated as a Special Protection Area and a Site of Special Scientific Interests. It is one of the best national sites for watching birds. It has both indigenous and migrant water birds. Near the Lake, there is a nature trail that was developed.

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Activities you can do in chew Valley Lake

  • Most of the activities in Chew Valley Lake are permitted by Bristol Water, the owner of the Lake.
  • You can watch birds. The Lake has many beautiful birds throughout the year.
  • You may need a special permit to access the two artificial islands for bird watching.
  • You can engage in sailing activities in Chew Valley Lake.
  • Sailing is another crucial leisure activity that happens in Chew Valley Lake. The Lake has an area for dinghy sailing. It is run by the Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club. Thus, you can visit the area to participate in boat racing.
  • you can enjoy the nature trails near; Lake
  • The space near the Lake is ideal for a nature walk and fun with the family.
  • There are also eating outs near the Lake and some areas for accommodation.
  • Fishing is yet another wonderful and fun-filled activity that you can participate in when at Chew Valley Lake.
  • Dog walking.

Major attractions at Chew Valley Lake

  • The attractive Birds
  • the natural nature trail
  • the 1.9 miles sailing area
  • Fishing site

There is a lot that you can do in Chew Valley Lake. Just find a day to visit the Lake and have fun. Watch the birds, enjoy good food in the nearby restaurants and have fun in the space near the Lake. Enjoy fishing and boat races with your buddies at an affordable price.

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