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Central Heating Leaks Can Be Difficult to Spot, So Call in the Experts

Central heating and air conditioning are big selling points for a home.  However, there are some issues that can go along with central heating and air conditioning systems.  Drainage is a big issue, since both the heating and cooling units pull moisture out of the air as part of the process.  The central units come equipped with an on board dehumidifier.  All the moisture the dehumidifier pulls from the air needs a place to go.  To keep the moisture from backing up in the house and spilling, they install drainage pipes that guide the water outside.  When something happens to the drainage pipe you can develop central heating leak.

Central heating leaks cause major problems by leaking small amounts of water on a constant basis.  Small leaks can actually result in more damage than sudden large leaks.  A large leak gets repaired quickly, while a slow leak can be on going for quite a while before anyone notices it.  The slow leak can cause mold and mildew to grow behind the walls.  This puts residents at risk for respiratory ailments and other health conditions.  If you suspect that you may have a slow, hidden leak, contact ADI on 0800 731 8343 to speak to one of our professional gas leak detection experts.

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