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Central Heating Leaks Are A Big Concern For Home Owners

There are many systems in a home that are susceptible to leaks.  The plumbing system is not the only one that requires pipes running through the house.  Central heating systems also require a certain amount of piping, specifically a pipe to carry condensation outside.  central heating leaks are usually caused by a problem with the drainage pipe.  However, there are other issues that can crop up, particularly for those with radiant central heat.  With radiators, the heating pipe system is almost as extensive as the water delivery system.  The pipes for the heat must run from the boiler to each radiator, and all along the way is the possibility for disaster, or at least central heating leaks.

Many of the same problems with water system issues are also pertinent to heating system issues.  Not all piping is exposed, so locating a leak can be problematic and fixing it may require gaining access to enclosed areas.  No one enjoys the idea of cutting holes in their walls and having massive cosmetic repairs waiting at the end of a repair job.  At ADI we understand and sympathies with your concerns, which is why we use only the best detection methods, to find a leak without damaging your property.  Call us today on 0800 731 8343 to book your gas leak repairs.

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