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Central Heating Leaking – Is this a problem for you?

How do you know when central heating leaking is happening?

There are a number of indicators that can alert you to possible problems with central heating and that you have a leak in your system. One of the tell-tale signs of leakage is that your radiators are not performing as they used to and the heat that they give off is reduced, NB be careful when touching hot radiators or any hot surface as it can lead to burns. Another sign of leakage; which sounds pretty obvious, is the presence of water around radiators on carpeting or flooring or damp patches on walls behind or close to radiators. An easy thing to check, if you suspect that central heating leak detection is leaking is to check your boiler because leaks may not always be visible when the gas leak is located in pipework under floors.

Central heating combi boilers normally have a visible pressure gauge that you can easily check to see if the pressure in the system is good. If you are not sure what the pressure for your boiler should be, then consult your boiler’s manual; which should give you details of the correct pressure for you system, there is often an ideal pressure but there may also be a range of acceptable pressures for your boiler. It’s also a good idea to have a walk around your home and check flooring, walls and ceilings for signs of dampness or the build-up of water; these can all be signs of central heating leaking.

If not dealt with quickly a leak in your system can lead to further problems and can lead to increasing repair costs. A leak also means increased utility bills for water and gas as you are consuming excess water and gas to power a system that is running inefficiently. If you suspect you have a leak in your central heating system it is always wise to call out a professional plumbing service such as ourselves at ADI Plumbing as early as you can. They can investigate and diagnose any problems with the system. We will be able to fix any problems with central heating leaking very easily and if it turns out to be the boiler itself, and can also advise you about, supply and install a replacement boiler for you.

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