2023 Central Heating Costs For Town & Cities In Great Britain!

The cost of living has never been more prominent, increases coupled with cold, long winters in the UK means that consumers are watching their heating bills more than ever right now. 

With this in mind, here at ADILeakDetection.co.uk we wanted to find out which towns and cities have their heating on for the longest period of time and what the annual cost of using central heating is in each location.

Our report ranks the largest 99 towns and cities of England, Scotland & Wales by population in order of total spend on heating costs per year.

The average cost to heat a home in Great Britain is now £1696.05 per annum. 

5 Key Findings…

1. Slough revealed as the city with cheapest central heating costs in the UK 

Slough was calculated to have the lowest heating cost of any town or city in the UK, with a cost of £1339.04 per annum.

2. Dundee revealed as the city with the most expensive central heating bills.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Scottish city of Dundee which has heating cost of any town or city, with a staggering cost of £2154.09 per annum.

3. Newcastle Upon Tyne is the City with the most expensive heating bills in England

The city of Newcastle Upon Tyne has the most expensive heating of any town or city in England with a cost of £1,941.27.

4. Cardiff is the highest Welsh town or city on the list

The Welsh Capital city, Cardiff comes in 28th on the list with a cost of £1,733.87

5. London ranks 69th

The capital city is in 69th place when ordering the list from most expensive – we found something that is not more expensive in London than in other parts of the UK! The average cost of heating a home in London is £1,654.05.


The 10 cities in Great Britain with the most expensive central heating bills…

City Central Heating Cost
Dundee £2154.09
Newcastle upon Tyne £2,031.99
Edinburgh £1,917.36
Bradford £1,894.63
Glasgow £1,850.96
Sunderland £1,850.40
Kingston upon Hull £1,787.07
Manchester £1,762.65
Weston-super-Mare £1,761.93
Preston £2,314.00

Where is Gas Most Expensive…

CityGas Cost Per Kwh
Weston-super Mare0.06741p


The Full Cost Analysis Data For All 99 Towns…


We have compiled the costs of heating an average home in 99 towns and cities of Great Britian.

Costs are calculated for each location on the basis of central heating being used for 5 hours per day, and only on days of the previous calendar year that had a maximum daily temperature of less than 15 degrees. 

Gas usage is based on an entry level 24-27 kW boiler running a 10 radiator central heating system. 

Average temperatures have been compiled using data from The Met Office.

Public Health England and NHS England say a home should be heated to a minimum of 18°C.

The gas cost per KWh in each location comes from research carried out at www.theenergyshop.com/

About: ADI Leak Detection are specialists in tracing the source of hidden water leaks. A leaking central heating system will use more energy and cost more to run. We are experts at finding heating leaks using non invasive leak detection equipment including thermal imaging cameras, acoustic listening devices and tracer gas technology.